The Gray Bunny (graybunny) wrote,
The Gray Bunny

Appliance report

Dual-wielding air conditioners kept the computer room under 80 today despite 95 outside. That doesn't sound too impressive until you consider that they were fighting against a full load of computers, and one of the ACs knocked off early because the drip container filled up.

Even so, tomorrow is going to be hotter. I think I'll be turning a few things off, the stuff that's easy to reboot when I actually need it.

Bought a new vacuum today. Following tenar10r's advice, I looked at the low-end Bissel that Bed, Bath, and Beyond is selling. It does everything I need, the only thing I'd miss is the self-adjusting height, and there are a lot of good reviews, so I stopped by BBaB after work and got one. I'll see how it goes next weekend.

Went over to the Grand Illusion again tonight, to see the third Quatermass movie. I'm not entirely sure why, since I own the DVD and have seen the movie many times. I've never seen it in the theater, although given the size of the Grand Illusion it's not clear whether this really counts. It was on 16mm film, though, and an awesomely battered print at that, so I got part of the theater experience, anyway. They'd have been better off playing the DVD. I guess I went because the Grand Illusion is a nifty little place and I'd like to support it.
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