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Today was astonishingly hot, by Seattle standards. The high was well up in the nineties and we're on track to set a new record: first day ever where the low was above 70. Even though businesses have air conditioning, it's not necessarily sized for events like this. We got a notice at work that several buildings had maxxed out their cooling capacity, so please turn off any unnecessary computers and lights and close the blinds on the south and west sides.

Tomorrow is supposed to be HOTTER. There's a good chance of setting a new all-time high of 100+. I think I'm going to do a deep shutdown and leave the air conditioners running anyway. Not that the old one does too much, it fills up its little water bucket every couple of hours in this humidity and stops cooling. The new one has a much smarter design: as far as I can tell, it drips the cold water on the hot coils, which helps cool them more effectively and results in the water vapor being vented outside. It hasn't had a problem with the humidity yet.

One nice thing about the air conditioners: even if the computer room isn't always as cool as I'd like it to be, it's a lot drier than the outside, which makes it much more bearable.
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