The Gray Bunny (graybunny) wrote,
The Gray Bunny

Not with a Bang but with a Huh

I have finally watched all of Neon Genesis Evangelion, the original series. I know what the ending is supposed to mean, and even so it was a radically unsatisfying experience. If I didn't know, like the people who watched it back when it was new, I would have no idea whatsoever, and I'd be suspecting an enormous practical joke. Except that I rather like the idea of what the ending was supposed to mean, I'd still be rather suspecting an enormous practical joke. In any case, I understand what all the screaming was about. Given the way the fandom can be, I'm amazed people didn't pop blood vessels and die over this. Jeez.

I guess I'll have to give the (original) movies a try. I'm a bit wary because I've been warned that they're rather brutal.
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