The Gray Bunny (graybunny) wrote,
The Gray Bunny

Sunday Night Mehs

It's been a couple days since I posted. I need to be careful about that or I'll lose the habit that I've built up about posting. I'd claim that I didn't have much to say except that I didn't really have anything less to say than usual. I was just feeling too burned out to fight the feeling that it didn't really matter.

Next year I really really need to leave myself some slack. My scheduling this year has been pretty good. With a little triaging and some schedule slip here and there, I have mostly been able to keep from having too much to do at any one time. But running at 100% all the time, or even 90%, isn't really sustainable, especially since I'm not 25 anymore. I have tried in the past to allow one weekend a month as slack, but the problem there is that they just get taken up by all the projects I come up with during the year. So I really need to leave TWO weekends a month empty. Maybe not so much early in the year, when I already have a pretty clear idea of what I'll be doing, but later in the year, definitely.

I also need a real vacation, where "vacation" means "taking myself to someplace where I can't do anything". I'd love to go back to Whitehorse but I'm not sure I can afford that. Maybe I can just drive somewhere for a weekend. I dunno.
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