The Gray Bunny (graybunny) wrote,
The Gray Bunny

Rainfurrest rundown

The con was bigger than last year. Much bigger. Like 3x bigger.

Despite that, sales were low. I said earlier that Friday sales were slow; well, that was being polite. "Dead" is the correct term. We made three sales all day and one of them was to me so it doesn't count. Saturday was fair with 14 sales, and then Sunday was slow, with five sales but higher dollar amounts.

Looking at the historical records, this was our worst Rainfurrest ever despite the massive increase in attendance. Also, per capita, Rainfurrest is a very low-selling con for us. By comparison, AllFurFun in Spokane has been consistently about a third of the size but we normally sell the same amount there. This year, we sold nearly twice as much at AllFurFun.

We will continue to go to Rainfurrest because it costs us nothing but the table and some gas, but that's about the only thing keeping it on our schedule.

This year's exceptionally poor performance is due to the economy, but even in previous years we have not sold well at Rainfurrest. I'd blame our merchandise except that it sells fine everywhere else; people just don't buy books at Rainfurrest. That's the really inexplicable part, why do the attendees at this one con have such a radical difference in taste?
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