The Gray Bunny (graybunny) wrote,
The Gray Bunny

The Sweater Saga

On Saturday I tried getting some sweaters at Target. Well, they had plenty of T-shirts on sale, but there was only one little display of sweaters, and they were all pretty lame. I have an inherently geeky look about me, and wearing a sweater that made me think of British school uniforms seemed likely to combine with that in unfortunate ways.

Tonight I stopped by the new Fred Meyers on the way home. While looking around, I encountered an employee who evidently doesn't know what sweaters are, because when I asked he showed me hoodies instead. That wasn't very promising, but I kept on looking and I did find actual sweaters. Sweaters apparently come with zippers this year, but I can deal with that.

They're also a lot more expensive. The tags said $60 and $70 -- fortunately they were on sale for the grand opening, and I had the extra 10% off card that they mailed out, so all told I only paid $75 for the pair, but still that was more than I was expecting to spend. On the other hand, the cheap sweaters that I picked up at Wal-mart (I think) a year or so ago started to fall apart almost immediately and I don't know how many times I had to sew up certain seams. Maybe you get what you pay for.
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