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Dreaming about travelling

Travelling is an uncommon but long-running threme in my dreams. It doesn't happen that often, but thinking back over a few years I can see a common thread:

I've gone somewhere on vacation. It's always someplace rural, with trees and open areas and more or less hills. It's not completely uninhabited but there are also large areas with no buildings at all -- it looks a lot like the area where I grew up, in spirit if not in specifics. I'm staying at a motel, and somewhere nearby there's a generic diner-type restaurant where I eat. I've been there long enough that I know the restaurant and the motel pretty well and it feels like my home away from home. In between venturing out to see the area, I have a nice comfortable routine, and there's no pressure on me to do anything at all. The whole day is mine to do whatever I want, and I have nothing more important to do than just wander around, or sit and eat, or whatever.

There's quite a bit of wish-fulfillment in there, as I'm sure you can see. I've managed to achieve some of that dream in my trips up to Whitehorse. Next summer I'm hoping to go back to where I grew up and experience the wandering-around part too. I won't bother making hotel reservations, I'll just get plane tickets and a rental car reservation, then cruise around until I find someplace that I feel like staying at. Or... since cross-country flights tend to arrive late in the day going west to east, maybe I'll make a reservation for the first night, then find someplace the next day when I have all day to do it.

I wish I had more time for roadtrips, too. One of the best trips I ever took was right after the last finals my senior year in college, when a friend and I just got in my car and took off. We ended up in Montreal. Hmm... maybe some year I'll just buy tickets to someplace in New England and roam around like that again...

Dreaming about travelling...

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