The Gray Bunny (graybunny) wrote,
The Gray Bunny


I think I'm only going to get one pumpkin this year. I had three big female flowers open up, not that far from the base of the vines, but there were NO male flowers open at all. They opened three or four days later — not helpful! Finally one more female opened and I hand-pollinated it, and I'm going to get a pumpkin from that. Since then, they have produced literally dozens of male flowers, but the only females have been little things way down the vines that have died without even opening.

Tall sunflower is tall. I think it's working on a flower up there.

The thing that was supposed to be a dollar plant is actually some random weed. I don't think the dollar plant seeds survived being mailed (they were sent out by my bank in an ordinary envelope). The dwarf papyrus is still looking a bit raggedy — it has a lot of stalks that are died on top during the winter, but the stalk is still alive.

The volunteer fern which I rescued out of the pot of the dead lupine has its own pot now and is very happy in the shade of the asparagus fern. Speaking of volunteer ferns and the asparagus fern, it has its own teeny little volunteer fern amidst all the volunteer moss.

Plus bonus cat.

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