The Gray Bunny (graybunny) wrote,
The Gray Bunny

Late entry: the Not So Elusive Mr. Gates

Well, the company meeting was a week ago today. I managed to get a ticket to be in the live studio audience so I was there. I saw Bill and Steve in person, although at that distance they could have been almost anybody. (I was way up in the second balcony, apparently that's the block of tickets they gave to my building.) I wished that I'd brought binoculars, although that would have looked pretty funny since they were showing the video stream on huge projection monitors so everybody could see.

As company meetings go, it wasn't too bad, I suppose. Virtually all of it was BS, as you might suspect, but it wasn't as gung-ho as I'd been expecting. And virtually all of it was rehashes of stuff that we've heard before. The one real highlight of the meeting was that they got Red vs. Blue to make up a custom intro for the Halo 2 video.

McCaw Hall is a wonderful venue, though. Very nice. Since I'm hoping to attend some performances there next year, this gave me a chance to scope it out and think about ticket price versus ability to see. My conclusion was that even the cheap tickets would be fine for a ballet or symphony performance. The only reason that I wanted to be closer for the company meeting was so that I could be sure I was actually seeing Bill and Steve.

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