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Success and failure

Friday was a successful day. I received four packages, which allowed me to upgrade the power supply in the KBUN machine, solving its overheating problem. (400W wasn't enough. 650W is.) Then, while I had it open, I was able to upgrade the dual PII/266es to PII/450s and add a USB2 card. It's faster, not overheating, and the external disk is doing much better at USB2 -- USB1 was adequate, but USB2 is much better. One of the packages had a wrong item, so I was unable to add a USB sound unit to KBUN, but oh well.

Saturday was a successful day. I got the new modem, routing, and NAT set up on the KBUN machine. It wasn't easy -- I didn't just turn on ICS and go, I did it the real way which allowed me to keep the existing IP addresses on my LAN instead of having to renumber everything. I also cleaned the bathroom thoroughly. It ended up almost frighteningly shiny and beautiful.

Today, Sunday, was not a successful day. I started work on installing fancy MPEG-2 video capture card in MUSE. Only one of the two drivers will load. Poking around on Pinnacle's site reveals that there's a couple dozen PII and PIII motherboards recommended for use with this card, but not much since. A bit later I discovered that it may just be conflicting with the Radeon card in the system, a known problem, so I'll probably try some over video cards later. But before I discovered that, I discovered that my bathroom was an inch deep in water.

The cold water supply to the sink was spraying into the cabinet below the sink from a leak at the joint where the faucet pipe connects to the valve on the pipe out of the wall. Why, I have no idea. Turning the valve off stopped it, and then I was able to mop up the water before it really got anywhere. The bathroom floor is a bit concave and where the vinyl meets the cabinet the vinyl curls up a couple inches, helping contain the water.

I'm glad the bathroom is clean, but I need to clear up a lot of the loose junk in other rooms before I really want apartment management to come in. And the bathroom isn't the only floor that sags, I just hope they don't freak out over the slight sag in the livingroom. Oh well. Probably not, and I'm on better terms with the apartment manager now so if anybody even notices, I can probably work something out.

I want to believe that my streak of bad luck has broken, but jeez...

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