The Gray Bunny (graybunny) wrote,
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As if I weren't busy enough already...

I've been wanting to do a webcomic for a while. The only thing that saved me was that I didn't have an idea that I could work with at my current drawing skill level. Sex comics require that the characters look, well, sexy. Dramatic comics lose a lot when the characters are poorly drawn. Only humor comics can really get away with lame art, and I'm just not a very funny person.

Well, this morning as I was driving to work, a webcomic arrived in my head and set up shop. I have a main character, four other recurring characters, an opening story, a title, character designs, you name it. It's all just sitting there waiting for me to do something with it. Argh!

The main character is Joe Longmuir, who, like most of the other characters, is a newt. A pink newt. Why? Don't ask me because I don't know. It was their idea. This isn't a monospecies comic, but at least in this city all but a tiny fraction of the inhabitants are pink newts. Joe was a PC tech at Amalgamated Consolidators Inc., but he quits in the first panel because he can't take the abuse and overwork anymore. After getting over the shock, he looks for another job, but nobody is hiring, so he decides to open up his own little shop and go after the home market. It's just about Christmas, so he figures there should be a lot of people who get computers and will need help with them. He calls up Tina Jorgensen, another tech from his former department who had quit a couple weeks before he did. She has been thinking about starting a business herself and doesn't want to work for Joe, not because she has anything against him but because she wants to try being her own boss. But that doesn't mean they have to be competitors, either... they meet over dinner, carve up the turf, and a semi-romantic subplot starts.

Other characters are Jeff, another PC tech at Amalgamated, but he works for another manager in another building, so he's still doing OK. He hangs out with Joe and tells tales of the idiocy going on at Amalgamated. Amy is a mutual friend who works at the helpdesk at Amalgamated and has stories to tell as well.

And finally there's Tim. While Joe is sitting around being unemployed, he notices that his apartment is kinda lonely, so he gets a black kitten. Tim is an ordinary nonmorphic, non-talking, non-sentient cat, except that occasionally he will look at something Joe is working on and produce an arcane piece of technical information, such as: "This is a Toho XY-3B motherboard. There's a bug in version 4.06 or lower of the Microtrends BIOS which causes it to not boot if a OMG 1153-based IDE controller is present in the system."

The title is Newtworks. (Googling reveals no comics with this name, but a lot of typos!) Joe's business will be Newtworks PC Repair. There's quite a bit of material in this idea: there are plots with Joe and Tina, Joe and Tim, adventures in being a small-business owner, and Joe and Jeff probably have some hobbies. Plus, there's an endless number of gags with idiot customers.

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