The Gray Bunny (graybunny) wrote,
The Gray Bunny

Not gonna talk about it

If you know me, you know who I supported in the election, and I know who you supported. Maybe we were on the same side and maybe we weren't. And yet, even if we weren't, somehow we're still friends. The political differences seem so small compared to what we have in common.

I'm not going to talk about the election because that is what makes this country function -- the fact that most of us are not extremists and can put aside a few differences to enjoy common interests. The current polarization may be more dangerous than who's in the White House.

The far left and far right will always exist. They're important in the grand scheme of things, too: somebody has to be out there pointing a direction and charting the waters. They provide ideas for the central mass to consider and steer a middle course between.

But when the central mass is divided, the two sides screaming at each other and not listening, like two kids who can't figure out how to work a see-saw, that seems like a recipe for disaster. The best you can hope for is stasis, but stasis is a delicate thing. One little slip and the country gets yanked hard one way or the other, and the other side howls and pulls back as hard as they can, and everybody is focused on winning, whether the result will actually do the country any good or not. It ceases to be a pendulum and becomes a tug-of-war.

I've run out of metaphors now, but I think I've made my point.

[Edit: Whoops! Forgot the conclusion:

Talking about it now would just be a bitchfest, stirring up bad feeling and demoralization to no purpose and feeding the polarization. So I'm just going to move on.]
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