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I need more. Resting on your laurels is fine for a while, but at some point you need to do new stuff to justify your existence.

This was brought on by something I found a couple days ago, the newsletter/magazine of a computer history association where I was mentioned as a visiting expert. The reference that I wrote (which was only about 10% complete when I had to admit defeat) is dated now but is still the most comprehensive reference of its kind. I still get the occasional compliment on it. But jeez, the last time I worked on it was 1996, I think. It's definitely stale.

I founded a convention. But that isn't much more recent. I ran it for several years, which was an effort of some magnitude, but now I don't even do that.

I was shaping up to be a major provider of furry network services a la, but with the loss of the job, the house, and the T1, all that's gone...

Now what? Yes, I suppose I could say, so what? What does it matter whether I ever accomplish anything like that ever again? Well... I keep being reminded of an anecdote a friend of mine told me, about somebody she dated a few times. He wanted to show her films of his highschool football games. For him, that was the high point of his life. He'd never do anything that big again. I don't want to be a has-been already. I'm only 35.

I suppose I shouldn't worry about it. I have occasionally set out to do things for egoboo, and nothing has ever come of them. The places where I've been successful, it's happened just because I felt like it. I saw that there was something I could do for people, and did it... And anyway almost every week I have enough new ideas for projects to keep me busy for a decade. If I just relax and wait, something will come up.

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