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Family is where you find it. I'm actually on fairly good terms with my parents, unlike some people I know. They do care. Lately, when I've really needed it, they have really come through for me, at least in a material sense. I'll always have a place to go instead of having to live on the street. At the same time, my mother is one of the most negative people I know; the only way she seems to have to relate to people is to criticize them. It's usually meant well, in a constructive way, but it's not always what people need, and the tone can blind them to the potentially valuable information content. Dad is much nicer, but he doesn't really understand me at all, which is too bad. So: they're good people, and quite willing to provide me with a physical home if I need it, but relations can be a little strained, at least for me.

My friends are my emotional family. When I need support and advice, they're the ones I go to. It amazes me how loyal they are, sometimes. Most of them read this LJ, too. You know who you are. Thank you for everything.

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