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It's Serious

When I moved in to this apartment, one of the first things I did was turn the circuit breaker for the heaters off. During the summer I certainly didn't need them, and there was some question whether I'd ever need them or not. The livingroom and diningroom heaters are mostly hidden by furniture, because there just isn't enough space unless I do that, and I expected to need them there even less than in the bedroom, where I was able to leave the heater clear.

Well, we're definitely in heating season now. It's been clear and cold (by Seattle standards) for several days now, with nights well below freezing. So far, even though I have far fewer computers on than I expected, they've been keeping the apartment nicely warm! The bedroom is a bit cooler, but that's fine, because I sleep better when it's cooler.

So I am, really truly and seriously, heating my apartment with computers.

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