The Gray Bunny (graybunny) wrote,
The Gray Bunny

Ideas Eating My Head!

One of the perils of having a webcomic that seems to not be sucking as badly as I was afraid it would is that I keep having ideas for other webcomics and comic stories that I'd like to do. That I wish I could do, if I were a real artist. The only reason Newtworks looks as good as it does is that I'm using a species (newts) that lends itself to a radically simplified character design.

Today several old ideas teamed up and ambushed me. There's a city named Jontue, which is built just outside the walls of Heaven, inhabited by those who were almost good enough to get into Heaven but not quite. It's sort of Heaven's slum but really isn't a bad place — it wouldn't be, when you consider who lives there. There's something about the immutable nature of angels versus the ability of people to change, and something else about the Blood of Heaven. The problem is that while it all sounds really cool, I have no characters, no storyline, and I don't even know what the Blood of Heaven is. Argh. I'm also a bit hesitant to start slinging Christian symbology around when I know so little about it... might have to do some research once I know what it is that I want to say.

Oh well. It can perk in the back of my head while I write any one of the zillions of things on my list. I need to get to work on Infrastructure again, I need to get back to Wild Blue (and someday I'd like to do a comic which starts with the same idea but goes in a different direction), I should work on The Great Game again someday, and then there are all the Velvet Lace stories waiting to be written...

But I'm so tired so much of the time. It's easier to just surf around on LJ... *sigh*
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