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Still Eating

OK, maybe Jontue isn't such a nice place after all. The inhabitants don't need to eat, drink, or sleep; they don't need shelter or clothes; they can't die. It's true that there are buildings, restaurants, stores, etc. because people like these things, but they don't need them and that removes a lot of the normal human motivations and time-sinks. Metal and stone are valuable: whatever the mountain that Heaven is on is made of, it's a lot tougher than stone, so the only stone/metal/ceramics in Jontue are whatever they can get out of Heaven once in a while. Wood and other plant materials are readily available, and lately some people have shown up who know how to make plastics out of plant materials, so there's a bit of an industrial revolution going on. Nevertheless, I can see a lot of boredom going around, especially among people who have been there for centuries or millenia, in a place that doesn't really change -- and there's nowhere else to go! They can't go into Heaven, and the Downward Path doesn't lead to anyplace that anyone would want to go. Boredom leads to bad craziness, especially among people who can't die.

So: there is crime, there are some unsavory areas, and there are some things which happen which are pretty horrifying. There is something like a police force which is charged with keeping the worst excesses down. Those who have really gone off the deep end and are a menace to the public peace are exiled from the city, sent on the Downward Path. The main character is the chief of the force. He's getting tired after doing the job for a century or two, and starting to worry that he may be slipping off the edge himself. He'd like to do something about that, and he'd like to solve the larger problem as well -- he took the job because genuinely cares about the city. I still don't know exactly what the Blood of Heaven is, but I know what it's supposed to do, and he thinks it might solve both problems...

Argh argh argh.
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