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Oberved Today

Snow: It rained bathtubs all night last night, just pouring down. I had to close the window in my bedroom for a while because there was a puddle developing on the windowsill, but that was fine because I could still hear the rain anyway. I had to close the door to the deck as well, since there was some mist blowing in there even though it's sheltered by the deck above! So: it was raining. A firmly established track record. When I actually got up this morning, it seemed to me that the rain was coming down rather slowly, not sparsely but rather as though gravity was a bit weak just then. I knew it couldn't be snowing because it wasn't cold enough. The little bits of white stuff on the grass were just my imagination... To the north, it snowed a good deal more than the barely-a-dusting that we got. I saw cars on the highway with an inch or so on them.

Guitar: I've seen people doing a lot of things while driving, but I've never seen anybody playing the guitar before. Traffic was stop-and-go just then, slower than a walk, and driving didn't really require more than a foot on the brake, but still...

Polyester Man: This is a guy at work who's on my team. Evidently he just got out of college, but he dresses like it's 30 years ago. He's also a smarmy git who gets on my nerves, but I can deal with that. He's just young, it will wear off. Or maybe not, there are two things which look like electrodes sticking out of the back of his neck. I have no idea and I'm not going to ask.

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