The Gray Bunny (graybunny) wrote,
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Dumbass Question

I wish LiveJournal had named the friends list something other than "friends", or provided two of them ("friends" and "people I read"). I would bet that half of the LJ drama which goes around is caused by the baggage that comes along with the word "friends". But I digress...

The friends page is a wonderful aggregator, and originally that's what I used it for. Then, as I started doing more friends-locked posts, I realized that might not be wise. Not that I thought that any of the people on my list who I didn't know would ever even look at my journal, but still, in the interests of consistency, I decided that my friends list should be for actual friends, the people I know well enough to let them see the private stuff. So I trimmed my list and the people-I-read became bookmarks. That worked fine for a while, and it was nice seeing people's journals in their own style rather than that imposed by my friends page. However, going through a bunch of bookmarks is slower, and now the number of bookmarks has grown to the point that the time taken going through them all matters.

The only way I know of around this problem is to make my current friends list into a custom security group and use that for locking posts, then add the people-I-read back to my friends list and use the friends page as an aggregator. That seems like a clunky way of doing it, and there's the whole etiquette thing surrounding friending people you don't know (if only LJ had called it something else!).

So: does anybody know of another way to get an aggregate view of people's journals? You'd think that even if LJ itself doesn't provide the functionality, it could be done externally — I know there would be issues seeing friends-locked posts that way, but since this is for people-I-read, I'm not on their friends lists anyway so it doesn't matter.

Thanks for any suggestions!
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