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Observed Today

The Unintelligible Team: There's a lot of people at Microsoft who aren't native English speakers. On my team, we have a guy with a heavy Chinese accent, a guy with a heavy Indian accent, and a guy with a heavy accent that might be Russian but is more likely to be Hebrew. Individually, they're fine to talk with. When all three of them are in one room having a loud, fast conversation, I can barely understand them, and it's my native language! I have no idea how they manage to keep up.

Pizza: Free pizza at work. Apparently the meeting was cancelled but nobody remembered to cancel the pizza, so they just stuck it in the hall and let everybody graze.</b>

Ambition: Someday, I'd like to say something important enough to draw some comments. Sadly, I'm not sure I have anything that important to say. I got this journal in a fit of rage when I wanted to publically cuss out my ex-ISP for being a bunch of incompetent bastards whose business model makes losing customers much more profitable than keeping them (which I've never gotten around to doing, unless this counts), and most of what I've posted isn't even that cogent. I have a couple ideas for longer essays, but not much time. Bleah.

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