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Masamune Shirow

Posted for the benefit of someone who I know reads my LJ...

Have you ever looked at Masamune Shirow's works, especially his more recent stuff like Ghost in the Shell 2: Man Machine Interface, and wondered what it would be like if he stopped dancing around the subject and just drew porn? Well, he does, it just doesn't get over here.

He has a series of little "poster book" things, which are basically a cardboard case, a few collectible cards, and four posters folded into quarters. On the one side of each poster is usually a four-page story — I can't read Japanese but at least the pictures seem to have some connection to each other. On the other side is a full-sized illo which may or may not relate to the story.

The title of the series is Galgrease, which is pretty expressive, I think. The content isn't hardcore: there's only the occasional mosaic, most of the shots are lined up so that no genitals are visible, but that just makes it dirtier. Six of them have been released so far, of which I've seen four. They all have lots of nudity and a bit of bondage, but beyond that they seem to cater to different kinks:

  • First Series, 001: Wild Wet West: girls with guns, oral fixation, morphic horses, and lactation
  • Second Series, 004: Wild Wet Quest: more oral fixation
  • Second Series, 005: Hellcat: pirates, tentacles, bondage
  • Second Series, 006: Galhound 2: lesbians and toys, bondage

You can get the second series from J-List. For earlier stuff, Ebay might be your best bet, or Rinkya.
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