The Gray Bunny (graybunny) wrote,
The Gray Bunny

State of the Bunny

Car: fixed. I had to pay for the rental to get to work, but the actual repair was free of charge. Evidently the original factory spark-plug cables have a known problem with getting weak, and being taken off and put back on during the 30,000-mile service was the last straw for this one.

Copier: fixed. New drum this morning. Getting the copier serviced is generally pretty painless, but it's more complicated now since I have to ask permission to come in to work late.

Internet connection: working? It was up and down like a yoyo last week. I finally called it in on Sunday. A couple hours later, it straightened itself out and hasn't had a problem since. When Comcast called this morning, I had to tell them that it was working and there probably wasn't anything for anybody to look at, and we cancelled the appointment.

Garden: growing! Beans are a lot more prolific than peas, let me tell you. An entire planter of peas produces barely enough for a small serving. A planter of green beans will give you a big serving and half of another. On the other hand, the peas grow a lot faster. After harvesting the first batch of peas, I emptied out the planters and planted a new batch. They only took about two months to grow the first time, so it should be possible to get a second crop in.
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