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No Water Cooling For j00!

Step 1: Fasten big screws counterclockwise on the retention plate.

Step 2: Peel the protective film off the base of the water block.

Step 3: Secure the retention plate to the water block.

Step 4: Apply thermal grease.

Step 5: Place anti-vibration soft pads on the supporting holes on the motherboard. Uh... my motherboard doesn't have any holes around the CPU.

Step 6: Place the water block on the CPU, sliding the big screws through the holes in the motherboard. Uh...

Step 7: On the back of the motherboard, place plastic washers on the screws and fasten with nuts. Uh...

Hopefully Fry's will let me return this thing. Thankfully, I read the instructions BEFORE doing anything, so I was able to put everything back in the package the way I found it.
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