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I love being a demographic with disposable income and childhood memories to plunder!

No, seriously.

Last week, I found out about The Complete Calvin and Hobbes, which will be coming out in October. Every strip ever run, with full-color Sundays! Squee! I have all the books which were put out before, I even bought the last couple in hardcover, but for some of the earlier stuff all I have are the quicky softcovers with black and white Sundays. And if I buy this, I can give away the books I have now as presents to young people who do not know the bliss of Calvin and Hobbes.

And then just now I found an entry on a friends-of-a-friend page here that referenced the Muppets, Season One collection! Squee! I taped all the episodes that I could back when Nickelodeon was running them in the mid-nineties, but it's nowhere near complete, the episodes have probably been cut down a bit to make room for more commercials, and of course they're crummy off-air VHS quality.

Oh, and there's also The Complete Cartoons of the New Yorker. 2,500 cartoons in the book, plus another 66,000 cartoons on the companion double CD. Squee!

Amazon 0wnzors me!
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