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Eating... my... BRAIN!

The first attempt at this posting got eaten because of whatever fuckwit back in the mists of history decided that the backspace key on a browser should be "back", for which there was already alt-leftarrow. What kind of sense does that make? Like dragging a floppy to the trash on a Mac in order to eject it, it's not something you'd even think of until somebody tells you, and even then it's scary.


I was complaining about artists and writers who complain about being blocked. I realize that it's a serious and frustrating problem, but it's hard to be charitable right now because I really want some of that blockage action!

I got VNV Nation's album Futureperfect a month or so ago. I listened to it a few times and had troubles with crying while driving, which is bad, so I put it aside. (Incidentally, I have the feeling that if industrial music makes you cry, you're listening to it wrong, but oh well.) I dug it out and listened to it again today.

Well, the song "Genesis" mated with a Stargate SG-1 episode and produced a story arc for the "Wild Blue" webcomic-to-be-someday. I already have more ideas than the main characters are ever likely to survive.

And then there's the song "Beloved". That song is why I bought the album in the first place. I first heard the song a year ago or more, on C89's goth/industrial Sunday night show which I listen to while driving home when I go out to visit my parents. I didn't really understand the song at the time, but it haunted me. I could even sing some small bits of it, but all I had was a guess at the band and the phrase "eternity awaits". Based on that, my industrial-music expert protocat was able to identify the song and album!

I've always had a tendency to make music videos in my head for songs I like. I've gone through several iterations of videos for "Beloved", but it's settling down now. I was considering doing a comic set to the lyrics, when it occurred to me that I could actually do a limited-animation video. I don't have Flash or any animation programs, but I have Photoshop, and I have Vegas Video, which can take stills and make them into video tracks. I'm not sure whether it can move one video track relative to another, but I think it can.

If I had time, and I were crazy enough, I could do it.

If only I had time.

(P.S. Vegas Video 4 is an impressive program. I got a good deal, bought the bundle with DVD Architect for $300. It's probably the only program I have where I feel like I actually got that much value. Even if I'd paid the full $800 for it, I think I'd feel the same. After trying to get Premiere to do anything useful or even just process files correctly, Vegas Video was like being touched by the gods. It Just Worked the first time I tried it, and every time since. Apparently it's just Vegas now, and they're up to version 6.)
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