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Is the recorder on?

Good, thanks. Thank you for coming out here today. I have a secret to tell you. Now that I'm the only super left, it doesn't really matter anymore, and I'd like to set the record straight.

You know how everybody always thought that I was the big hero in the league? With the other combat heavies right behind me? That was just a publicity thing. I mean, what can I do? I'm tough. I'm strong. If you have a school bus teetering on the edge of a cliff, I'm your man. Anything else... remember when I punched out that robot on the corner of Second and Union and there was the big radiation leak downtown? Not my finest hour, let me tell you.

No, we hit a lot of situations where the ability to lift, or punch, or smash, really didn't help much. At least not unless it was done just right. You know all the "weak" heroes? The ones everybody thought were the second string? They were the ones who got us through those situations. Superbrain in particular. He would figure out what we needed to do. Stretch and Microgirl were his hands. And us, me and the combat heavies? Our job was to keep the villains off them while they worked, that's all.

It's like football. I never really followed it, so I don't know all the correct terms, but I know there are guys whose job it is to keep the opposing team off the quarterback. That was us. The thing is, in football, the other team isn't trying to kill you. If somebody slips by, the quarterback gets sacked, maybe you lose the game, that's all. We didn't have it that easy. Superbrain and Stretch and Microgirl and the others, they didn't have much in the way of defenses. If somebody got by us, it might be all over for them, and they knew that. They knew that it would happen, sooner or later. And they kept going out there, day after day, anyway.

And then some idiot would yell "GEEK!" at Superbrain. It was heartbreaking. But what could we do? The more people focused on us as the important ones, the safer they were.

But then it happened. Herr Doktor Ramm was smarter than most villains, he could see what was going on, and he targeted Superbrain. We couldn't save him. There was barely enough left to bury. Everybody said we were never the same after that, and they were right, but it wasn't just a morale thing. Superbrain was the heart and soul of the league, the one who knew what to do all the time.

We tried to keep going. We had no choice. Stretch died, and Microgirl, and the Blonde Ninja. Even Winslow, and we'd all thought he was invulnerable.

He'd thought so too.

That's when we realized that attempting to contain and apprehend villains lawfully just wasn't going to work, not without Superbrain. They were killing us faster than we were putting them in jail, and even the ones in jail escaped a lot. If we wanted to finish the villain menace before they finished us, leaving the world completely unprotected, we had to kill them back, as ruthlessly and effectively as we could. That's when we went outlaw, the ones of us that were left. Not heroes anymore, just another bunch of thugs, nothing to distinguish us from the villains we fought except that we thought we were serving the greater good.

All I can say is that it worked. We killed them, they killed us, but in the end they're all gone and I'm still left. Not for much longer, not after Ramm got me with his aging ray, but my fist was still tougher than his skull and that's all that matters.

I'll be gone soon, the last of the supers, and you and all the other normal people can lead your lives without our interference, for good or ill. I just want you to remember who the real heroes were. Not me. If you're going to remember anybody, remember Superbrain.

Thank you.
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