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queenofstripes or maybe it was shatterstripes was recently talking about an old interactive-fiction/computer game called "Portal". Don't bother trying to Google for it, "portal" is way too generic to get any useful hits, no matter how many other terms you combine it with. (Well, it might work with the author's name but at the time I was trying, neither I nor anybody in the thread could remember his name.) However, in one of those wonderful coincidences, a friend of a completely separate friend posted here on LJ that it has been reimplemented on the web. I'm about halfway through it and it's really engrossing. The tiny glimpses of a really complex world are far more interesting than a complete infodump.

As it turns out, it has also been republished as a book! It's available from both B&N and Amazon. Just search for "Rob Swigart" as the author. Definitely going on my buy-as-money-permits list.
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