The Gray Bunny (graybunny) wrote,
The Gray Bunny

Another Vignette

I remember, one day. Overall it was a good day, we'd shut down the Iron Baron's doomsday device and taken the Baron and his men into custody. But on our way back to base a bunch of kids heckled Superbrain, and I could see that it really got through to him that day. I didn't know what was going on, normally he was able to shrug these things off fairly well, but I could see that he was pretty miserable, so I bought him a drink later on. A single glass of low-alcohol wine, that was as much as he'd ever let himself drink. He couldn't get sloshed, in case a call came in.

So we sat there at the little bar in the corner of the rec room at base. He sipped his wine and I had a root beer. (He didn't drink much because he was worried about calls coming in; I didn't drink at all after I got a bit tipsy and accidentally knocked down our first base.)

"It hurts," he finally said. I listened, letting him get it out at his own pace.

"Today, two of the Baron's goons got the drop on me. They had their guns pointed right at me. If they had thought that I was any kind of menace, they would have shot me instantly. Instead, they just laughed. That gave Fortress enough time to clobber them."

He paused again, and drank the last of his wine. "I get no respect, and today it saved my life. But it still hurts."
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