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I have a whole stack of stuff to post which I haven't had time to get around to this week, and I'm out of time again today. So here's some quick bits and I'll try to get around to the rest tomorrow.

  • One of the sprinklers in the little kitchen at work is completely covered in fuzzy dust. Whee.
  • Saw a Trogdor bumper sticker.
  • A classic combination: one store selling computer parts and lingerie
  • According to the BBC, the UN is working on a program to get "life-prolonging medication" to the "poorest AIDS sufferers" in Africa... "by 2005". Um. I'm sure there will be plenty of people there who will need the medication when it finally arrives, but it's going to be too late to help anybody who has it right now...

Maybe that's why I'm so blue tonight. All the news is about how bad things are and how much people suck, and what litte good news there is seems to be the result of going LA LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU rather than evidence that things really aren't that bad... I should go to bed.

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