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Thought for the Day

Why Friday the 13th? The 13th I can certainly understand, but why not just any 13th? It's not like Friday is regarded as an unlucky day, that I've ever heard of. Most people are quite fond of Friday! You'd expect something more like Monday the 13th, since everybody hates Mondays anyway. On the other hand, considering that I've been feeling like hell all day, but not quite bad enough to give up and go home, today has certainly lived up to its reputation.

A second thought, to make up for missing yesterday: relaxation is a learned habit, like anything else. Usually, by the end of the day, I'm tired and unhappy and frustrated over the latest thing that I've tried to do only to discover that it doesn't actually work even though it's supposed to. My dreams are frequently full of more of the same: dealing with one obstacle after another after another. I wake up feeling emotionally beaten before the day has even started. But I digress... my original point was that by the end of the day, I'm curled up into a ball and I don't want to sit and have dinner and watch a video or play a game or whatever, and that's exactly the wrong reaction. I need to sit and think about something else, and not have to cope for a while. Maybe someday I can convince myself that it's important enough to actually do it.
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