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One for yesterday: Paycheck is not a bad movie, despite what you may have heard. Yes, it stars Ben Affleck, who is not known for his acting skill, but John Woo employed him well: the movie is wholly plot-driven, so whether Mr. Affleck demonstrates a character or not is irrelevant. In fact, I think this is what a movie adaptation of one of the old text-adventure games would look like. There are some stupid bits in the action sequences, and a couple plot holes, but in general it's no worse than any other SF action movie. In fact, the worst thing about it is that it's supposedly set in Seattle, which makes several parts of the movie unintentionally humorous for those of us who live there.

One for today: dynamiting my sinuses sounds like a really good idea today. Or maybe I just need one of these (scroll down to the picture).
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