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Change of subject

I was planning on writing up my little rant about my ex-ISP, but circumstances have dictated a change of subject: where the hell did my day go? It's 10:40 and I'm only just getting around to this, even after dropping a bunch of other stuff off my to-do list. I still have that list, so in theory I know what happened to my day, but it still seems like a lot of the day just disappeared.

I think it's time to activate an idea that I've been noodling around a while: logging everything I do for one day. I've done it before, but back then I felt like I was actually getting stuff done. Now I'm not so sure. Maybe a log will give me some insight. Can't do it tomorrow, though. Tomorrow is going to be a non-typical day, out running around the whole day. So maybe I'll try Wednesday and see what I come up with.

And now I'll go relax for ten minutes before going to bed.

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