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LJ tells me it's been six weeks since I've posted, so I just want to make the point that I'm still alive, although it's not for lack of trying. I came back from Further Confusion with a cough, which may have come from the con or I may have picked it up at work before I left. The con crud this year wasn't a cough, and apparently people at work have been coughing, so... I'm not coughing much anymore, as long as I don't talk or laugh too much. If I stir up the pools of glop at the bottoms of my lungs, I start to gurgle. Ick. Not feeling too bad, though, and starting to make progress on the huge mountain of stuff to do that built up before the con and some of the tasks that I came back from the con with. I have a few mostly-free weekends here, then two cons in a row in late March followed by one in mid-April. I'm just attending the two cons, and prep for the April one should be simple since we won't have anything new to sell there, so I'm hoping to make some significant progress on computer stuff.

I'm babbling. I think I should go to bed.
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