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It Is Probably Just As Well...

...that I am not in charge of the weather. Because if I were we would mostly have moderate rain alternating with storms with high winds. Not only would this interfere with a lot of people's plans, every time we have weather like that there's significant flooding. You'd think that in the Pacific Northwest the rivers would have cut themselves deep enough to handle the rain long since, but the dirty secret of this area is that we don't actually get that many inches of rain, it's just smeared out into a fine and disappointing drizzle over a lot more days.

Also, the temperature would remain between 55 and 65 all year around, except for the occasional dip below freezing so we could have a good blizzard in the winter. That would actually be worse than the rain, since most of the population here has no idea how to drive in snow and ice. Every time it happens, traffic is paralyzed and people die. Not helping is that the snow plows have rubber edges, so they literally can't clear the roads once ice has formed.

So it's probably just as well that I'm not in charge of the weather.
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