The Gray Bunny (graybunny) wrote,
The Gray Bunny

Wish I Had a Camera Phone

Cool things I could have taken pictures of:

  • the Canada Goose pair around work who are herding ten fluffy goslings
  • the golf-cart-sized street sweeper which does the sidewalks over on 140th

Upgrading my phone would be an unpleasantly complicated experience, though. It's my only phone, so I'd need to try to keep my number. I'm on Nextel right now, but I don't want to upgrade with them because they're steadily being dissolved into Sprint, but Sprint doesn't know about it. When I got a Sprint data card, I had to get a separate account for it because they couldn't use the Nextel account my phone was on. So I'm going to have to change carriers, which is tough because according to everybody,

  • Sprint sucks
  • Verizon sucks
  • AT&T really sucks.
Not that Nextel doesn't suck, but at least it's a suck I'm familiar with. Switching to another carrier is an adventure into the unknown. Will I have coverage at home? At work? How will they try to rip me off? How many excess minutes will I have to pay for because they don't make a plan small enough for me? (I'm on a 300-minute plan right now, which I don't think you can get anymore. Right now I have six days left in the billing cycle and so far I've used, let's see, 12 minutes. That's on the low side, normally I might have racked up 30 or 40 by now. But plans seem to start around 450 minutes these days.)

Honestly, cellular companies are the poster children for the Principle of Equal Suckage* and I'd be happy to tell them where to go, but I need a phone, which is what they depend on.

*The major players in an industry can avoid expenses like research, infrastructure development, and customer service if they all tacitly agree to, because customers have nowhere to go that isn't just as bad. The banking industry utilizes this principle a lot, too.

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