The Gray Bunny (graybunny) wrote,
The Gray Bunny

Wheat-Kicks promo

Today marks one week of posting something every day. I'm running late today, so rather than not posting, here's something I wrote a couple weeks ago. Read Captain Action's lines in a big fruity hero voice, and Timmy is a little nasal kid.

CA: Hello, kids! I'm Captain Action...

Timmy: ...and I'm Timmy!

CA: ...and we're here today to tell you about Wheat-Kicks: the cereal that gets you going in the morning!

Timmy: It sure does, Captain! I can't keep my eyes open if I haven't had my bowl of Wheat-Kicks!

CA: It's fortified with caffeine, Timmy! You can feel the energy in every hair on your head!

Timmy: And it tastes good too!

CA: That's Wheat-Kicks! Kids, ask your moms to buy you the cereal that gets you going in the morning, Wheat-Kicks! From the makers of Beet Flakes.

Timmy: And tune in to the next episode of Captain Action's adventures in the moons of Jupiter, when you'll hear Captain say:

CA: They're illegally mining the nougat core of Ganymede! The fiends!

Timmy: The Adventures of Captain Action! 4PM Wednesdays on this radio station.
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