The Gray Bunny (graybunny) wrote,
The Gray Bunny

Thoughts on Soup

Campbell's makes half a dozen different types of chicken soup with noodles, and I'm not talking about the low-fat/low-salt/whatever options reminiscent of regular/diet/caffeine-free soft drinks. I'm talking about specialty-noodle types: regular, stars, O's, etc. You'd think they would make one chicken stock and just dump differently-shaped noodles into it, but they don't. You can see the differences in the ingredients lists; you can definitely taste them. Why?

Similarly, Chef Boy-Ar-Dee makes at least five ravioli variants: regular, mini, micro, overstuffed, and Italian sausage. Obviously the last one is going to be different, but for the rest you'd just expect them to adjust the pasta-to-stuffing ratio, but again, they're all different. Regular and mini are different but good, and micro and overstuffed suck. Why?

Well, maybe my comment there answers the question: if you don't like one formulation, maybe you'll like another. If so, they should make it clear that more has changed than just the noodles.
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