The Gray Bunny (graybunny) wrote,
The Gray Bunny

The Cats' Big Day

Took the cats to the vets on Saturday. Naturally, they were against the idea, but by the time they realized what has happening, it was too late. Carmel, who is sweet but not very bright, sort of noticed when I stuffed her into the cage. Milton knew something was up as soon as I plucked him off his perch in the computer room, but still didn't fight that hard. As usual, they complained all the way there, then got very quiet and attempted to avoid drawing attention to themselves.

Milton could only be extracted by dismantling the cage around him. Carmel came out fairly voluntarily and interfered with the vet's attempt to listen to her heart and lungs by purring, shedding a cloud of orange hair all the while.

Both got clean bills of heallth. Then, like every cat I've ever owned, five minutes after getting home they had forgotten the whole thing.
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