The Gray Bunny (graybunny) wrote,
The Gray Bunny

Travelling dreams, but not this year

Many years ago, I posted about my travelling dreams. I don't have them often, but they always stick in my memory. In them, I've been to a variety of places, all of them remote or out of the way, some of them on continents which don't even exist.

The closest I have come to doing that for real is going up to Whitehorse in Canada. I was hoping to go again this year in August. I still could — I have the vacation time and the money — but by not going I save nearly $1600. So far, I haven't cut back much on my spending despite the economy; unless I stopped spending entirely, none of it would make much difference one way or another if I lost my job, which doesn't seem likely at this point anyway. But $1600 is a month's rent and food with a bit left over! Cutting out this one expenditure does make a noticeable difference in my savings.

Maybe I'll just take $100 of that and drive somewhere interesting for an overnight trip this summer.
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