The Gray Bunny (graybunny) wrote,
The Gray Bunny

Selling an old friend

I got my first laptop in... um... 2001? It was an IBM Thinkpad 600E, just a 366MHz PII, which wasn't cutting edge even at the time, but it wasn't too far behind, either. Combined with an early 11b wireless network, it let me sit in bed and surf and MUCK without anybody looking over my shoulder, which was a welcome relief in the later period of being in the house. It was a little slow, but with features like an NTSC video output and Zoomed Video slots (meaning it could take a DVD decoder card) it was a very versatile machine and continued to be useful, and used, well after it should have been junk. After I was out of the house and working, it became my daily driver to take to work for a couple years, and it sprouted docking stations and such.

What finally killed it was Windows XP — it can walk (not run) XP, but it's finally too slow to be usable. Since then, I have accumulated several more powerful laptops, and the 600E has sat, beloved but purposeless.

This weekend I'm going to put it up for sale at a swap meet. It's heartbreaking, but I just don't have a use for the 600E and that's not going to change.
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