The Gray Bunny (graybunny) wrote,
The Gray Bunny

Swap meet

Went to the ham radio/computer swap meet on Saturday. Sold the laptop. The buyer took the laptop itself and the small accessories in the laptop bag and said he would be back for the docking stations, but never came back. Oh well, I guess they'll go to RePC.

It was a very old crowd. The average age was probably my age or older. I'm used to science fiction conventions (average age might be 30), furry cons (early 20's), and anime (possibly dragged down below 20 by all the teens). An event where most of the people are gray-haired, if they have any hair, looks really different. No matter how old you are, though, apparently you can still be a fanboy.

Despite being also a computer show, this is not a group that has really caught up to the computer age. My little PII was fairly modern by their standards, and was especially out of place on the first floor. The second floor was full of crap, but it was less crappy, and some of it was less than ten years old. The first floor was full of RUSTY crap. And a food place that was serving $4.75 hot dogs.

I did actually buy something (a DEC Alphastation 500/333 which, after reseating all the loose bits inside, powers up and even has a working OS still on the disc), but even after that and a hot dog I still made $5.25.

Also interesting: the organizers made no attempt to enforce the collection of sales tax. Yeah, some of the dealers were businesses, but they made no attempt to verify that, and others might have been businesses or maybe they were just people doing a garage sale like we were.

Also also interesting: saw a young lady (possibly the only one there) wearing a fitted jacket that ended at about the same point as her ribcage. It was a perfectly ordinary winter jacket, just very short. Stylish, yes. Warm, not so much.
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