The Gray Bunny (graybunny) wrote,
The Gray Bunny

Busy day

Inventoried my anime collection. It turns out I have 178 separate titles — no wonder I can't keep track of them anymore. Since I'll be going to an anime con in two weeks, and then another one just a month and a half after that, this seemed like a good time to do it.

Filed the pile of read comics and reorganized the mountain of unread comics. For a couple months now I've been having to slide my hand behind one of the piles on top of the bookshelf by the door in order to turn on the lights in my bedroom. There were other piles elsewhere, and then the two long boxes behind the couch in the livingroom. They are all integrated now, with the actual books and the digest-sized material separated into their own areas, and nothing in piles anymore. Found a bunch of things that I'd been wondering where they had gotten to. (Note to self: write something about Perazim at some point. Man, if I had the money, I would hunt down Pat Kelley and pay him to finish the story. Argh!) Found several duplicates too. I need another bookshelf. I can make room for one more but then I think that's going to be it in this apartment unless I get rid of the chair that nobody ever uses but which matches the sofa. Of course, if I can ever get around to making progress on reading all the comics and fanzines and stuff, and sorting out the bits that I'm not interested in keeping, then I should be able to hit steady-state on my shelving needs. I have also figured out that I can take this Friday off to obtain and construct said bookshelf, and maybe do a few other things too. I really need two or three weeks off to catch up on everything — and hey, while I'm wishing, a few thousand dollars would be nice too! — but overall the situation is mostly under control.

Almost finished layout on the next book to go to print. I've gotten as far as generating the PDFs twice now, and found something that needed to be fixed or tweaked each time. Still, progress! Need to get it to the printers soon so it will be ready in time for AllFurFun.
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