The Gray Bunny (graybunny) wrote,
The Gray Bunny

A Matter of Size

Too small: network gear, even stuff which was rather high-end at the time, keeps count of bytes going by with a 32-bit counter, so it wraps at four gigabytes. These days, even DSL or cable internet can wrap that pretty quickly, but never mind that. I'm talking about hardware with Fast Ethernet or even gigabit ports, which can crank through four gigabytes in a matter of minutes. You'd think that they would allow for that and use a counter with a bit more capacity.

Too big: the bill which Sprint sends me every month has a light-gray mask printed in the "amount paid" with spaces for you to fill in each digit. Fine. Why are there seven spaces to the left of the decimal? I can imagine a company with lot of corporate phones racking up a million-dollar phone bill, but is a company like that going to write a check and put it in the little return envelope? I kinda doubt it.
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