The Gray Bunny (graybunny) wrote,
The Gray Bunny

Exciting Spring

Taking a long weekend this weekend to acquire and assemble furniture and do video editing and get a book off to the printer's.

Long weekend next weekend to attend two cons at once (one anime and one SF which have scheduled themselves on the same weekend AGAIN, grrr) and records voiceover for some video.

Long weekend after that, tenar10r is coming up to visit! Yay!

After that, three normal weekends to do plants/gardening stuff, edit more video, and edit a book.

Then AllFurFun in mid-May where I'll be a dealer.

Memorial Day weekend after that and the Seattle Mineral Market. My latent love of geodes has come to the fore again.

Weekend after that, A-Kon where I'll see tenar10r again!

After that, summer is a lot slower. Most of the weekends in June and July have been allocated to filming and editing for a special project. Stay tuned!

And now I'm really tired. :/
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