The Gray Bunny (graybunny) wrote,
The Gray Bunny

Bunny Goes to the Con, Day 2: Sakuracon

They say that battle plans rarely survive first contact with the enemy. Well, other plans don't fare all that well either. I was already on plan B for this weekend after my Saturday plans were postponed. Of course, if I have to do that thing some other weekend, I really need to swap it for something else. I nibbled at the edges so that I could get some proper sleep this weekend, but I was still going to put in several hours on another task tomorrow...

But it appears that Sakuracon has joined Norwescon in having parking problems. I got there at a bit past one today and had to park in the crappy garage that closes at 8. That was OK for tonight but tomorrow night I need to be there later, and it seems that if I want a parking spot I need to be there early, so I'll be spending aaaaaall day at the con.

After spending an hour and a half in line to pick up my badge, it was already time to get in line for the Anime Music Video contest. That would have been OK, except that I also needed to get a ticket from somewhere else, and that set off my To Hell With This alarm. There was a second showing of the contest, but I needed to leave before that would have been over. There's a third one on Saturday evening, but it's right opposite the Anime That Scarred Me For Life panel, which I really really want to go to. I'll have plenty of time to watch misc AMVs on Saturday anyway. So I went shopping in the Dealer's Room and watched fansubs of Macross Zero, then went back across the bridge and had my usual Friday night dinner and had time to get groceries, so it all worked out.

Maybe I'll be sick on Monday.
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