The Gray Bunny (graybunny) wrote,
The Gray Bunny

I Don't Need More Projects

It was a bad weekend for ideas. They poured down like the rain.

As I mentioned, I spent several hours watching anime music videos, and after that I was moved to download all of the AMV Hell compilations. A nagging thought which I have been able to ignore in the past came back to haunt me: I really should be making these. I have all the tools. I have a high-end editor (Vegas) and I have Flash and I have Photoshop and I have rippers and digitizers of all sorts. At least in theory I should be able to do anything I saw this weekend, and for most of it I have a general idea of how. Even if it's not anime music videos precisely, I should be doing something more creative with these tools than just switching between cameras and adding a voiceover. If nothing else, it would make me learn the tools much more deeply. But there's a big audience for AMVs and if I go that route, there are places I can post and somebody will watch them...

I also spend a couple days at Norwescon, the big regional science fiction and fantasy con, this weekend. In this age of massive online data collections, that seems like a field that's ripe for some kind of project. There have been tens of thousands of books published, most of which are readily available through the big used-book houses like Abebooks and Alibris and Amazon and such, but which nobody knows about anymore. Seriously, there are prolific authors who got a dozen or so books published back in the day whose names and works have been forgotten except on the shelves of Half-Price Books, and I've read a lot of them. All I need is a name, a domain, and WordPress. In college, I reviewed every book I read, giving the science fiction club newsletter an endless stream of content, more than they could actually print in fact. I'm reading a lot less now due to being so busy, but still... and actually I still have all those newsletters. I can get a lot of content by just transcribing all my old reviews. Books from the Time Vault? Dusty Tomes? Hm. Also makes me wonder how much it would cost to get the rights to a book that's been out of print for thirty or forty years. I know how to print them, I've been doing that for years now. Maybe the SFWA still has contact information... Anyway, that is a project for another year. Maybe 2011. Even if somebody else has the same idea, the backlist is endless. There is plenty of room for multiple small presses to be mining the lode. Meanwhile, I need suggestions for a name.

Speaking of stuff like that, I really need to get off my butt and write more seriously. It's too bad I'm not into fanfic because there's another area with a built-in audience and easy feedback. Unfortunately, I'm not really a big enough fan of anything to be motivated to write real fanfic (as opposed to lame self-insertion Mary Sue scenarios, which I do in my head all the time). Merf.

Oh, and I should draw more. I ran across some old sketchbooks recently and I'm actually noticeably better than that now. If I actually apply myself, I might become almost adequate at some point.
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