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If there's one thing I really am a fan of, it's the Ghost in the Shell universe. I have all the manga and anime, sometimes in multiple versions. (For example, I have three copies of the original Ghost in the Shell manga: the original Dark Horse release, the Kodansha bilingual version which has a much better English translation, and a pure Japanese collection. That last I got because when Dark Horse was releasing Ghost in the Shell 2, one issue a month, I couldn't wait and bought the Japanese collection from Amazon JP. They suggested the Japanese collection of the first series too, and it was cheap...)

I'm also in favor of hi-def anime. Even though my little 32" LCD TV can't take full advantage of a 1920 by 1080 picture, hi-def still looks much crisper, versus the sometimes brutal highlighting of the limitations of standard def. Unfortunately, the releasing of anime on Blu-ray seems to be following the lead of movies in general: the new stuff goes to Blu-ray even though most of it is crap, while major older movies still aren't available. For example, Indiana Jones? Not on Blu-ray, except Crystal Skull. Lord of the Rings? Nope. Meet the Spartans? Yep. Similarly, while there are a couple of good animes available (Paprika! Yukikaze! Freedom Project!), most of the good stuff, like Miyazaki, is not, whereas something like Vexille is. (I wouldn't go so far as to say that Vexille was bad, but it sure wasn't good either.) Of the Ghost in the Shell oeuvre, only the second movie, Innocence, is available, and it's the weakest of the lot.

To be fair, the situation in Japan is a bit better, with Miyazaki at least getting some representation. That would be promising, given that both Japan and the US are Region A. However, almost none of it has English subtitles. One release that does is the Standalone Complex box set, and the Standalone Complex stuff is the cream of the animated GitS crop. Sadly, the box set doesn't include the entire SAC and 2nd GiG series, just movie-ized versions of them, but that's better than nothing, and it has the third movie.

And now, $300 and some odd later, I have it, straight from Japan.


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