The Gray Bunny (graybunny) wrote,
The Gray Bunny

Meet Doctor Veasel. Weasel.

Location: a room in Captain Action’s headquarters.

Dexter and Captain Action are looking at some papers on a desk. Offscreen, a doorbell rings. Dexter looks around, then goes to answer it. After a pause, he returns.

Dexter: There’s a Doctor Weasel here, Captain. He says he wants to talk to you.

Captain: Well, show him... wait, isn’t Doctor Weasel dead?

Dexter: Yeah, this is some other guy.

Captain: Hunh! Well, show him in.

Dexter leaves and returns shortly with Doctor Weasel in tow.

Weasel: I   AM   DOCTOR VEASEL! Bwahahahaha!

Captain: You fiend, you can’t fool me! You’re an octopus!

Weasel: I never said I vasn’t.

Captain: You said you’re a veasel! Weasel.

Weasel: I said I’m Doctor Veasel.

Captain: But you’re an octopus.

Weasel: YES! I am an octopus named Doctor Veasel! Is that clear? Can ve move on?

Dexter: How did you find us here, Doctor?

Weasel: You’re in the phone book.

Dexter: What?

Captain: Of course we’re in the phone book, Dexter. Otherwise, how would those in need summon us?

Dexter: <takes a deep breath> OK. We can talk about that later, Captain.

Captain: What brings you here, Doctor?

Weasel: Vell, the previous Doctor Veasel vas your nemesis, Captain Action. I know that ven I bought the name, all I got vas the name, but... I vas hoping I could be your nemesis too. As the newest villain on the block, that vould really help me establish myself.

Captain: I don’t know... It’s not easy to be my nemesis. The original Doctor Veasel – Weasel – was a skilled and experienced villain and he still had to work pretty hard. Do you have what it takes?

Weasel: I... I don’t know. I’d appreciate the chance to try.

Captain: All right, then.

Dexter: Captain! Why would we want to help a villain?

Captain: We won’t be doing anything, Dexter. If he has what it takes, we’ll have to work hard to catch him whether he’s officially my nemesis or not. And if he doesn’t, he’ll be in jail.

Dexter: <surprised> That’s some very good thinking, Captain.

Weasel: Thank you! I appreciate it! You von’t regret this!

Captain: Ahem.

Weasel: Oh! What am I saying? ... You VILL regret this! Ve shall meet again, Captain Action! On the corner of Broadway and Main. On Tuesday.

<Doctor Weasel runs out of the picture>

Captain: What was that about?

Dexter: I think he’s telling you where he’ll commit his first villainy, so you can come fight him.

Captain: Oh.

Dexter: I’ll put it on your calendar.

Captain: Right, thanks. Now, where were we? <goes back to papers>

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