The Gray Bunny (graybunny) wrote,
The Gray Bunny

Samsung SPF-85H

Bought one of these today.

The completely puzzling thing is that Samsung is selling it as a digital photo frame. $100 for a toy to show off low-res pics? It's not out of line with other frames on the market, but it's still very hard to justify, and indeed, I was the only person in that section of Fry's.

$100 for a USB-driven portable second monitor for your laptop? Totally awesome and worth it. It's also a market without a lot of competition right now. There are several companies which have announced and shown such devices, but they aren't available for sale just yet, and this is something which is actually in stores.

The sad thing here is that I'm so spoiled by multiple monitors that I need such a thing if I'm intending to do anything serious with a laptop. All of my laptops have the built-in capability to run the onboard display and an external monitor simultaneously, which is great if there's one available, but you can't stuff a standard-sized monitor in your backpack! This guy is small (800 by 600) but that's enough for all my Photoshop palettes.
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