The Gray Bunny (graybunny) wrote,
The Gray Bunny


I wrote a while back that forgetting the first time made it much easier to forget the next, because the pressure was off. Boy, was I right about that! Part of the problem is that I keep leaving posting here for last, and I'm usually thinking more about how to get to bed as quickly as possible than anything else by then.

So, let's see...

It's moving season up here in the Northwest. In May the rain dies down and the temperature starts to warm up, and that's the cue for the rental trucks to roll: your stuff is less likely to get rained on, and it's neither freezing nor so hot you'll melt when exerting yourself. Every weekend and some weekdays sees at least one truck in the complex.

One bean plant has sprouted and a couple more may do so soon, and one pumpkin has semi-sprouted as well.

Off to another con this weekend, then next weekend will be room-swap weekend for me. After that, things should get quieter for a bit and I'm really really looking forward to that. I've been going at full tilt since, oh, about mid-October, and I'm starting to run out of cope.
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